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Human security and community resilience reinforcement in the Sahel

Better border zone management at national and regional levels

This project, named “Human security and community resilience reinforcement in the Sahel”, has several components to reach its goals. Each country in the region will benefit and will see the presence of its public services reinforced in the border and cross-border zones in the Sahel and in the Lake Chad Basin.

Going beyond this reinforcement, it is a question of helping each country to implement a national strategy for border and community border management. Support will be provided for the national efforts to operationalize national border management strategies. The project will also provide regional institutions with expertise in order to develop regional and concerted approaches to integrated border management.

Reinforcing the access to essential services in the border zones

The starting point for the project is to promote human security and community resilience as a means to prevent and to manage, in the long-term, conflict and tensions between and within communities. Ultimately, this approach intends to reinforce cohesion, coexistence and social peace at a community level.

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