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Konna Recovery and Economic Stabilization

Revitalizing a fishing port so as to galvanize a whole region

Konna, a fishing port on the Niger River, is a strategic site in the center of Mali. The capture of the town after the 2012 conflict has been combined with the destruction of many port infrastructures and, as a logical effect, the deconstruction of a large proportion of the economic activities linked to fishing. There has thus been a harmful impact on the town’s 50,000 inhabitants and, more widely, on the whole region, which has a population of about 260,000.

The lack of work has since combined with daily difficulties to worsen the insecurity. And, in turn, this insecurity worsens the living conditions. The trend is even more significant since, in addition to fishing, fish collection, sorting, scaling and transport directly employed thousands of Malians, predominantly those aged under 35. The “Revival and economic stabilization of Konna” project aims to bring this negative spiral to a halt by rebuilding a stable economic and social environment.

Reviving economic activities and jobs creation


The project first rebuilt infrastructure, the port as well as the tracks between the villages in the area to accelerate the recovery of economic activity and to facilitate trade. At the same time, actions were carried out to create and develop jobs linked to fishing, agriculture and livestock farming.
Finally, a third component aims to restore and increase access to basic services, especially to drinking water and electricity, while ensuring the deployment of social safety nets and the strengthening of local authorities through citizen participation.


• Works on local public infrastructures and rehabilitation of the fishing port completed
• 89% of rehabilitated public facilities are operational and 100% of rehabilitated productive facilities are in use
• A sports Centre, a youth Centre and an Early Childhood Development Centre built and fully equipped
• Three fish ponds and 16 floating cages built and delivered
• 30 shops built for the market of Konna


Fields of action


Implemented by

World Bank


From 2018


€8.5 million

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