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Local Authority Support Program

Developing basic public services in Mali - PACT

The goal of the Program is to support local authorities in their provision of basic public services to the Malian population, particularly health, education, water and communal administrative services. The program aims to preserve a degree of financial latitude for municipalities to guarantee a basic social service offering for their citizens. With the National Agency for Investment in Local Authorities (ANICT) and the National Fund for the Support of Local Authorities (FNACT), the project co-funds economic and social investments for around 770 local authorities in Mali. At the same time, and along with the Court of Auditors of the Supreme Court, the project supports national control mechanisms with the goal of improving sound financial management in the funded local authorities. With this approach on a national scale, it reaches the majority of the Malian population, about 15 million people.

Improving the efficiency of local authorities

The expected results concern the implementation of investments by towns in the agreed timeframes, a reduction in construction defects in the works inspected and a decrease in serious shortcomings with regard to the FNACT investment rules. The Program directly contributes to two of the indicators adopted by the Sahel Alliance, namely, on the one hand, to more rapidly increase rates of access to primary education and maternal, reproductive and infant health care and, on the other hand, to reinforce the rule of law and improve the efficiency of administrations and public finance management.

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Fields of action

Decentralization and basic services
Decentralization and basic services
Education and youth employment
Education and youth employment

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