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Regional Support Project for Sahel Pastoralism

Perpetuating pastoral activities in all the countries of the region - PRAPS

Pastoralism is an important activity in all the countries of the Sahelian region: there are millions of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists. In this context, the “Regional Support Project for Sahel Pastoralism” is targeting these populations, in particular the most vulnerable, young people and women in the first instance, with the goal of improving and perpetuating their livelihood. It should directly benefit more than 2 million people, including at least 30% of women, whose livelihood depends mainly on pastoral activities. The secondary beneficiaries will be the public and private providers of livestock services, particularly professional organizations, and veterinarians, as well as the national and regional bodies concerned.

Improving more than 2 million people's livelihood

In the field, the project will have five components, namely animal health, natural resource management, market access, pastoral crisis management and support for institutions. The first component sees the project focus on reducing the occurrence of two animal diseases identified as priority, ovine rinderpest and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia. For the natural resource management, the idea is to increase the surface area on which sustainable land management practices have been adopted. In the same way, the average distance between the functional water points accessible by pastoralists and agro-pastoralists will be reduced. To facilitate market access, the project will help construct new markets or renovate the old ones. In the event of pastoral crisis, the timeframe required to reach 50% of the beneficiaries targeted will be reduced.

Achievements from January 01 to June 30, 2019:

  • Modernization of infrastructure and the strengthening of veterinary services, 23 out of 31 vaccination sites were opened in 2019 and eight out of 18 buildings were built or rehabilitated. Work has started on nine other veterinary services buildings in the South Mali-area.
  • Support for the surveillance and harmonised control of priority diseases and veterinary drugs: carrying out the assessment and activities to encourage vaccination against PPR (pseudopolyarthritis rhizomelic), which affected nine municipalities in the Koulikoro region and 12 municipalities in the Kayes region.
  • In order to secure natural resources and their use: receipt of 630 km of firewall works around the pasture areas in the localities of Bankass, Douentza, Youwarou (Mopti region), Gao, Ansongo (Gao region) and Niono (Segou region); company contracts and their registrations for the marking of 790 km of transhumance trails and staging areas in the circles of Bankass, Koro, Tenenkoun, Macina and Niono, signed and registered with the tax authorities.
  • Sustainable management of water access infrastructure: realization of four boreholes out of 22 planned in the stage gites of Diakoro, Boundoubougou, Séguindara, Togofobali, Djounko, Monepebougou, Menamba 2, Togual Missidi, Sama and in the pastoral perimeters of Dendendji and Rangabé, Sissa, Belkoye, Kroum, Soubala, Goudoum and in the pastoral perimeters of P17, Timbossotane, Tatakarate, Haroun, Bentia, Anderamboucane and Amal-Amal.
  • Development of infrastructure and information systems: 12 livestock markets were opened out of 18 planned for 2019. Also, the work on the remaining seven contracts has started.
  • Strengthening of pastoral and inter-professional organizations and trade facilitation: the implementation of support for women’s groups on the technique of making dried meat, which reached 41 people, including 24 women and 15 young people from the 11 kiosks and dairy kit members. Also, realization of support for the accompaniment of the Kayes and Koury service centres, which reached 89 people. The training of butchers on cutting and meat management techniques as part of the PRAPS-MALI. The training  reached 43 people.
  • Strengthening of the consideration of pastoralism in the SAP: training and awareness-raising of 10 local and communal SAP commissions extended to pastoral organizations in the localities of : Nara, Kolokani, Banamba, Mopti, Djenné, Bandiagara, Bankass.
  • Capacity building in pastoral crisis situations: the reception of nine out of 10 livestock feed stores planned for 2019 in north-eastern Mali in the localities of: Lerneb, Zouera, Goundam, N’Dakki, Boya, Ansongo, Intillit, Tessit, Tin-Essako, INEKAR.

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Agriculture, rural development and food security

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