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Update of the interactive map of Alliance Sahel labelled projects

The public interactive map of the Sahel Alliance labelled projects has been updated during the first quarter of 2023. It is accessible from the Sahel Alliance website.

The interactive map aims to show the territorial coverage of projects implemented by Sahel Alliance members.

It now contains data on a selection of current projects included in the Alliance Sahel portfolio as at 12/31/2021. Each dot on the map corresponds to a region where an Alliance Sahel project is being implemented. For a given project, the number of dots on the map therefore represents the number of regions where the project is being implemented. This representation of projects is not exhaustive.

Users can filter the projects shown on the map by sector, country and/or member organization, and display the information sheet for each project by clicking on the corresponding marker on the map. Information is available in English and French.

The previous version of the interactive map was produced in 2020 based on 2018 portfolio data. At that time, the portfolio included 663 projects under implementation, and we had obtained geolocation data for 551 projects.

The new version of the map was produced on the basis of 2021 portfolio data. At that time, the portfolio included 1122 projects under implementation, and we obtained geolocation data for 468 projects.

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