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A virtual journey into the Sahel


The Sahel has long been a crossroads of humanity, learning, and exchange. Today, the region faces many challenges stemming from climate change, including more frequent droughts and floods—which can directly affect regional stability and food security. The World Bank has created an immersive tour of the region to elevate the voices of those that are tackling these challenges and bringing resilience to their communities and beyond. 

An innovative initiative launched by the World Bank invites to an immersive discovery of the Sahel. What could be more inspiring than seeing firsthand the change that projects bring to people’s lives and their impact on the ground?  Since it’s not easy to travel during COVID, the World Bank team piloted a virtual reality experience on the Sahel to explore how through technology and storytelling partners can be taken to distant lands, rural villages and World Bank project sites without ever leaving the room. By clicking on various icons, the opportunity is offered to “meet” the people of the Sahel, listen to them and better understand their stories. It’s a unique experience that plunges you into a 360-degree universe of visual discovery of the impact of development efforts. The World Bank teams are convinced that this website can become an engagement tool that will provide a window into the extraordinary development efforts on the ground.

We invite you all to explore the site! Follow the link to journey into the Sahel and hear their stories : Link to the immersive initiative

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