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Sahel: collective intelligence serving decentralising and governance

How can we be quicker, more coherent and better define the objectives of governance and decentralisation projects for the benefit of local communities in the G5 Sahel countries?

With a desire to do things differently and to take the needs and realities of local authorities as a starting point, UNDP, as leader of the “governance” group, and Germany, as leader of the “decentralisation” group of the Sahel Alliance*, organized a regional workshop on decentralisation and governance as a vector of peace and stability in Sahel at the end of November. A meeting was organised in collaboration with the Liptako-Gourma Authority.

This event, which took place in Niamey, aimed to go beyond traditional analyses to question realities and policies in depth and find appropriate solutions for the benefit of local and regional authorities. It was an atmosphere of study, innovation, sharing of ideas and the creation of possible solutions, which coloured the daily lives of local elected officials and development actors in the G5 Sahel countries for three days. (Read full article) 

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