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AFD pledges support to the “Sahel Facility” for peacebuilding

On 7 December 2022, AFD and the Sahel Facility signed a financing agreement. The signing took place during the 10th Sahel Alliance Operational Steering Committee in Brussels.

From left to right: Patrick Berg (Facilité Sahel), Laurent Rucker (MEAE France), Françoise Chalier (AFD)

Following the Sahel Alliance Operational Steering Committee of 13 December 2021, France decided to join Germany as a donor to the Sahel Facility Foundation. As part of the French contribution, AFD has allocated a €5 million financial envelope for this purpose.

The Sahel Facility was created to pool the approaches and solutions of donors who are aware of the particularly challenging context in certain areas of the G5 Sahel countries, where the populations’ deteriorating security situation threatens social cohesion.

The Sahel Facility endeavours to respond to this situation by financing relevant programmes to improve infrastructure and create income opportunities for local communities in economically promising sectors such as agriculture, livestock breeding or handicrafts, in order to strengthen peaceful coexistence and prevent conflicts.

The aim is to foster an environment conducive to better living conditions for the populations, to effectively fight against the disintegration of social ties and, consequently, to better preserve peace between them.

This approach is also part of the Minka Sahel Initiative, which aims to contribute to peacebuilding, conflict prevention and development in targeted areas of the G5 Sahel countries.

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