Facilitate the structural transformation of the Burkinabè economy

Support for the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Burkina Faso

To support decentralisation and the transformation of the economy in Burkina Faso, the efficiency and accessibility of the available range of electronic communication services must be improved throughout the territory of Burkina Faso.

With the support of this project, the organisational capacities of the National Agency for the Promotion of Information and Communication Technologies (ANPTIC) in the management of its human resources, administrative and operational procedures have been strengthened. Two technical manuals were developed and a strategic vision document was reinforced. The project supports ANPTIC in its mission to implement the Burkinabe government’s information and communication technology (ICT) development programmes. 400 administrative buildings have been connected to the computer network, and computer cabling work is currently underway in 707 administrative buildings to interconnect 10,000 users. In total, a 78% coverage rate of the administration in electronic communication services was achieved.

This system allows us not only to have storage, but also to gain quick access to the data we need to manage the educational system. If the system is interconnected with the school administrations, we could for example connect to the Sahel Regional Directorate and quickly update the information if a school that was functioning encounters a problem, and take action accordingly. This allows us to react quickly.

F. Sawadogo,
DDG of studies and sectoral statistics of the Ministry of National Education

In order to improve access to Burkina Faso, the project also aims to develop the existing telecommunications network, the National Computer Network of the Administration (RESINA +), by satellite technology, and aims to make it accessible throughout the territory to provide access to Internet to populations who are deprived of it because of their geographic location. For these purposes, five satellite stations have been deployed for the benefit of RESINA + for the extension and strengthening of the bandwidth. In addition, 65 towers were installed to deploy the network.

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