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Cooperation in Chad: Alone, we go faster- together, we go further!

Governance is at the heart of the approach of the Livelihood Improvement Project in Western Chad (PAMELOT), which is part of the Sahel Alliance. This project is part of a process of proximity and skills transfer with development actors.  Local and national authorities and GIZ are working hand in hand: a joint field visit by the Ministry of Vocational Training and Small Trades and PAMELOT helped identify the land plots for the establishment of two vocational youth training centers. The work will be carried out by PAMELOT during the 2nd half of 2020 . The Ministry is committed to making administrative and teaching staff available. The training courses offered will be in line with the economic priorities determined in conjunction with local actors. A business incubator pilot project will be tested in Massakory to pursue efforts in terms of job creation. The objective is to provide young companies in the area with access to online training, mentoring, and coaching.

Jobs: focusing on leverage effects

Concerning the creation of income-generating activities, 55 grassroots organizations have been trained in associative life and provided with equipment (hulling mill, cart, etc.).
Managing generated income is the crux of this training that encourages the 700 members of these grassroots organizations to use the profits to develop new income-generating activities. The objective is that at least 40% of the associations will have diversified their sources of income within the next 2 years.  In the agriculture sector, which is predominant in Chad, 20 wadis have been identified in agreement with the local authorities to benefit from agricultural development. Women’s associations will receive support in farming techniques, processing, and marketing.
This activity is carried out within the framework of a financing contract with the NGO Action contre la Faim. The goal is for women to be able to autonomously carry out income-generating and food security activities in agriculture and processing.

Support to mediation and peacebuilding bodies

In the area of peace-building, a contextual study was conducted on the pillars of peaceful coexistence and the modalities of conflict management in Greater Kanem. The identification of the capacity-building needs for the mediation committees is underway and will be instrumental in determining the priority activities to be carried out.

Activities targeting youth as vectors of peace have concomitantly been initiated. 184 Ambassadors for Peace were trained in June 2020. Their mission will be to promote peace in their middle and high schools and to organize informative exchanges with their peers in order to foster a culture of peace in their schools. Sport and culture are also used as tools to transmit the values of peace, citizenship, and work among the youth. PAMELOT trained and accompanied 55 sports coaches and cultural animators in August 2020. Beyond sporting or artistic performances, the emphasis is placed on the personal and social development of young people and should thus have a positive impact on the development of society. PAMELOT will provide ongoing support.

Labor-intensive work at the heart of an expansion of activities
In the economic sector, the GIZ in Chad has been experimenting for several years with setting up labor-intensive infrastructure and construction sites, supporting income-generating activities (IGAs), developing modern agricultural techniques for grassroots organizations and supplying improved seeds. Since August 2020, the GIZ has been supporting the development of communal development plans in 5 municipalities of the Grand Kanem and will soon support the updating of CDPs that have ended. Emphasis is placed on better inclusion of young people and women in order to also consider their priorities in the development of their territory. The organization of these participative workshops must nevertheless take into account the governmental guidelines for the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the projects prioritized in these new communal development plans will be carried out as labor-intensive work sites.


Fighting COVID-19 : The PAMELOT-GIZ project involved alongside local actors

In the Grand Kanem region, 10 municipalities and 2 districts have been provided with hygiene and sanitation equipment since the beginning of the pandemic. The PAMELOT project also organized 8 interactive programs with the local radios of Moussoro, Mao, Karal and Mani to relay awareness measures carried out at the national level. These broadcasts were co-hosted with Muslim and Christian religious leaders with the dual purpose of prevention in the face of the pandemic and of promoting peace. Support in the fight against the pandemic continues with, in the short term, the provision of sanitation/hygiene equipment to health centers and support in the form of food kits distributed to about 3,000 families rendered vulnerable by the slowdown in economic activities.

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