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The Sahel Alliance for a synergy of sustainable impact in the Sahel

Distinguished Partners and Members,
Ladies and gentlemen,

As the 27th member alongside leading countries and institutions, we are taking our first steps in the Sahel Alliance with the feeling of being in the right place. I am therefore delighted at this accession I earnestly vowed for.

Indeed, three of our member countries including Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger enjoy membership of the G5 Sahel. Our mandate, received in 1973 as a development finance institution of the WAMU member countries, is to promote the balanced development of our member countries and foster economic integration within West Africa. This mandate is still relevant today in view of the significant and multifaceted challenges facing our member countries, particularly the G5 Sahel countries.

Thus, our actions under the 2021-2025 strategic plan developed to address the development needs and challenges of our member countries, are driven by the quest for development impacts, particularly in terms of job creation and added value  Our climate strategy and our accreditation to the various financial facilities of the United Nations climate funds are vital tools that BOAD will deploy to support its partners on cross-cutting issues related to the sustainable development of relevant countries.

Our objectives and priority areas of intervention are in line with those of the Sahel Alliance, a platform designed to provide effective and structured response to the challenges facing Sahelian countries through project implementation with rapid impact on the population. Hence, we are committed to providing our support and expertise to our partners through this initiative to address the multifaceted challenges jeopardizing the development of the Sahel area. Indeed, through its extensive expertise gained over the last 5 decades, BOAD will bring its in-depth knowledge of the field and stakeholders as well as its solid experience in funding high-impact development projects.

Our commitment to our member countries since 1973 equally represents an opportunity for the Sahel Alliance. It will facilitate dialogue with the various stakeholders involved in the operational implementation of projects in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. At last, the Bank’s accession will significantly increase the overall capacity of the Sahel Alliance to achieve sustainable impact within the common area of operation (Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso).

Henceforth, through the Alliance, we will have a global view of all current actions and initiatives in common area of operation. This will improve coordination between Alliance members and optimize the development of short, medium and long-term strategies. Our combined efforts will ensure effective achievement of our common goals.

Thank you.

Serge Ekue
President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD)

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