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Kanem Water Supply, Sanitation and Pastoral Hydraulic Facilities Project

The Kanem region, located northeast of Lake Chad and on the border with Niger, is one of the most vulnerable to climate change and the most impacted by the chronic food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel. For example, the Kanem region has some of the most critical nutritional indicators in the Chadian Sahel. Structural vulnerabilities, linked to low investments in basic social services, are aggravated by destabilising events such as the Lake Chad crisis.

Despite favourable access to ground water, access to water remains a challenge in the Kanem region. The investments required for the extraction of ground water limit its availability and contribute to inter-community tensions. Nonetheless, the Kanem region has significant potential, with a large area of fertile unused land.

Strengthening resilience and nutrition through the access to water

The project aims to improve the living conditions of border populations in the Kanem region through better access to drinking water, sanitation and pastoral water services. The project takes into account the vulnerabilities of the populations often marginalised by the central government in N’Djamena.

Increase access to drinking water and sanitation services

This quick-impact project focuses on the construction of hydraulic infrastructure to the benefit of the target population. The following activities are foreseen:

  • Construction and repair of 200 boreholes
  • Construction of 6 semi-urban water access points
  • Construction and rehabilitation of 45 pastoral wells
  • Construction of 10 hand-washing facilities and public latrines
  • Optimisation of the water access point of Moussoro

As part of an integrated stabilisation approach, it is key that the three pillars of the PDU are implemented in a complementary manner in all intervention areas (Kanem, Nord-Kanem, Wadi Bissam). It follows that synergies are necessary within the framework of the PDU itself in order to articulate the different pillars, actions and actors in an overall and cross-border logic under the planned governance structure of the programme. As for the hydraulic constructions of the project; European Union Delegation in Chad will delegate the project implementation to an NGO (potentially the Red Cross and Action Contre la Faim).

Foster resilience and the risk of inter-community conflicts

The other component of the project focuses on resilience strengthening through a sanitation and social engineering programme which involves the creation and revitalisation of 245 management committees and the creation of a maintenance system. The activities under this pillar, management by OXFAM intercom, are currently suspended.

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Fields of action

Decentralization and basic services
Decentralization and basic services

Implemented by

  • European Union


2019 - 2022


6 millions eur

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