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The Tillabéry region is borders Mali in the north by Mali and Burkina Faso in the west. More than 50% of the area’s economy is based on pastoralism and access to basic services is inadequate. The area is vulnerable to climate change: access to water is particularly difficult for both humans and livestock.  

Poor access to resources increases inter- and intra-community tensions, particularly between sedentary and nomadic people, with the latter often being at disadvantage. Since January 2018, internal displacements have been recorded as a result of abuses by armed groups or fear of persecution. In addition, there are refugees from Mali and migrants returning from Libya which increases the pressure on resources. 

The border area of the region is marked by the presence of diverse security threats: the action of radical groups, but also criminal activities and banditry. The various groups target state symbolsbut also the civilian population.  

Reducing inter-community conflicts and strengthening social cohesion for the development of the Tillabéry region 

The aim of the Tillabéry Recovery Project is to reduce the occurrence of inter-community conflicts in nine (9) communes in which the project operates: FilinguéAbalaBanibangouTondikwindiTillabéryInatèsAyorouBankilaréet Gorouol. 

The specific objective is to support socio-economic development and strengthen social cohesion in the target areas in the north of the Tillabéry region. This objective is broken down into two main axes: 

  • DevelopmentAccess to basic social services, development of agro-pastoral activities, development of infrastructure with a local economic impact. 
  • Social cohesion: Dialogue between public authorities and communities, action to promote peace and strengthen trust between communities. 

This project kicked off its activities in December 2019 and is implemented by the High Authority for Peacebuilding (HACP). 

Some specific results recorded 

The Tillabéry Recovery Project has been able to carry out several actions with convincing results, including, among others, the following 

– Training on citizenship with 540 participants through 18 training sessions in the 9 communes; 

– The organisation of 4 caravans in the presence of Prefects, Mayors of the communes, security forces, community authorities and representatives of women’s and youth associations; 

– The organisation of 8 cultural and sporting events to convey messages of peace, cohesion, peaceful coexistence and collaboration between FDS and the civilian population; 

– The organisation of 5 citizens’ forums to create a framework for exchange and collaboration between the civil population and the FDS; 

– The realisation of 4 activities benefiting the communities (sanitation, weeding, pruning).   


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Fields of action

Agriculture, rural development and food security
Agriculture, rural development and food security
Decentralization and basic services
Decentralization and basic services
Domestic security
Domestic security

Implemented by

  • France — Agence Française de Développement (AFD)


November 2019 – December 2023


8 million EUR

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