By adopting the Sahel Alliance Gender Roadmap in 2019, the members make a commitment to strengthen the dialogue with their partners on this cross-cutting subject, in order to better take into account gender concerns and issues. They also pledged to set up projects and programmes dedicated to gender and to advocate at the political level for better consideration of the rights of women and girls.

The commitment of SA members and observers also relies on the G5 Sahel partners, at the level of the G5 Sahel Executive Secretariat, and through the G5 women’s platform, as well as through initiatives carried out locally at the level of each of the G5 Sahel countries. The Sahel Alliance, through its multisectoral support and its principles of intervention, is committed to supporting the countries and the G5 Sahel Executive Secretariat in their efforts to adopt a favourable institutional and legal framework and proactive public policies in terms of promotion of gender equality and the protection of the rights of women and girls in order to speed up implementation to increase the results for the most vulnerable populations.


Achievements in the field

This commitment is reflected in concrete achievements in the field:

  • 26,540 Sahelian adolescent girls and women have benefited from interventions for economic empowerment (vocational training, credit, subsidy of productive assets)
  • 906,166 Malian adolescents were informed about reproductive and sexual planning and health services
  • 52 Chadian community liaisons were trained in health and reproduction


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