Economic empowerment of women farmers in Mali

Women’s access to means of production for an agriculture that is resilient to climate change (AgriFeD)

This UNWOMEN programme facilitates women’s access to means of agricultural production by placing the strengthening of women farmers’ capacity for resilience at the heart of its interventions. Objective: to empower 25,000 urban and rural women facing socio-economic vulnerabilities.

Advocacy activities are organised with various stakeholders, involving village chiefs, administrative authorities and other leaders and members of the community. Thanks to the financial support of Luxembourg, in April 2019, UN Women was able to launch a simple and adapted platform to strengthen the marketing of agricultural products from rural women. The “Buy From Women” platform is an open-source innovation from UN Women that provides farmers and processors with a mobile and web application allowing them easier access to information, training, funding opportunities and to national and international markets. The platform was also selected from among 700 projects to be represented at the Paris Peace Forum in November 2019.

In addition, with an emphasis on building capacity in sustainable and modern production systems, the programme helped build new skills for 11,385 women farmers in sustainable farming practices.


(…) have been doing market gardening for over 20 years. We only knew about growing shallots according to our traditional practices. I had no knowledge of market gardening techniques. Thanks to the AgriFeD programme (…), we have acquired new knowledge, which improves production and increases our income. Better still, the programme has enabled us to diversify our market gardening output with the introduction of the cultivation of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, etc., which greatly enhance household food security and contribute to reducing child malnutrition, poverty and to strengthening our budgets. Thanks to the project, we now know the real calendar for market gardening activities. In addition, this project brings us closer and consolidates our relationships within our community (…)

Alphonsine Dembele


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Agriculture, rural development and food security

Agriculture, rural development and food security



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Luxembourg / UNWOMEN




3 950 000€


Women / Rural populations

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