Investing in the employability of young people in Niger

Support project for the training and professional integration of young girls and boys in the regions of Agadez and Zinder

The beneficiaries of the project are primarily young girls and boys from the regions of Agadez and Zinder, aged 15 to 30, rural and out of school or with little education. The project contributes to improving the living conditions of young people through the development of their professional skills and enhancing their employability.

5,982 young people have already benefited from short-term technical training, allowing them to develop professional skills that help them enter the local economic fabric. As part of the implementation of each training action, a partnership protocol has been established with several workshop supervisors (maîtres d’atelier or MA). The MA makes a commitment to providing paid employment to at least 50% of the young people received on internship. At the end of the training, 3,206 young people were professionally integrated, including 1,268 young people through salaried employment and 1,938 young people through self-employment.

Before, we were at home. An organisation trained us to be able to work. We learned to drive and repair vehicles. Studying the rules of the road is very useful to us. Before, we didn’t have anything to do. Now we have an occupation in our life. My wish is to be hired as a driver by an organisation or to become self-employed.

Ibrahim Rabiou, age 20

We are happy with this project. It gave us support and allowed us to become active. We have made a lot of progress. We learned working techniques [hairdressing]. We know how to do everything including braids, weaving, applying false eyelashes and false nails. What I want now is to receive a grant and open my own salon.

Fannatou Oumarou, age 28

Education and youth employment

Education and youth employment



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European Union - implemented by Luxembourg cooperation (LuxDev)




6 900 000€



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