Support the Chadian education system for the benefit of students

Project to Improve the Quality of Basic Education and Promote Local Management (PIQBEPL)

This project concerns 50 schools in N’Djaména and Moundou and their outskirts, encompassing 30,000 students. It mobilises several partners and NGOs around the Ministry of National Education and Civic Promotion. This initiative promotes good practices in the educational and administrative management of schools in order to improve the quality of basic education and to promote local management in Chad.

The 50 schools benefiting from the project are receiving support through the distribution of equipment and capacity building for educational stakeholders. Sixteen motorcycles were distributed to educational inspectors, more than 5,000 items of school furniture (table-bench, teachers’ desks and boards) were manufactured and distributed to schools and around 40,000 textbooks and educational guides are being printed and distributed in the 50 schools. In addition, work has begun on the construction of 123 new classrooms, the rehabilitation of 100 old classrooms and the construction of 221 latrine cabins and 17 water points.

In terms of capacity building, among other things, 876 teachers were trained in French, 2 training sessions for school directors were organised and hundreds of members of Parents’ Associations (PA) benefited from the training related to the use of associations and accounting management.

The project provides support for the decentralisation of the management of the Chadian education system in order to improve the management of resources and the governance of schools in the intervention areas. To this end, a study on the phenomenon of repeating school years was carried out and made available to actors in the education system. Two plans for re-entry and end of school year reports have been produced and are being tested as part of improving the management of educational resources and planning. A pedagogical guide for a positive evaluation of pupils and a guide for managing pupils with academic difficulties have been developed. A “training of trainers” will accompany the rollout of the guides in the 50 beneficiary schools.

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Education and youth employment

Education and youth employment



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