Local participatory governance at the heart of development

Project to strengthen resilience and peaceful cohabitation in Chad (‘PRCPT’)

Many positive dynamics can be observed when the participatory planning approach is taken. Thanks to financial and technical support, the local governance structures see their responsibility reinforced in terms of inclusive development planning, as well as the preparation and updating of Local and Communal Development Plans. The programme has helped ensure a significant participation of women and youth in this planning process, and provided support to a total of 70 local, communal and cantonal administrative structures, 86% of which are functional.

The objective of this initiative? To reduce cross-border destabilising factors in order to improve the living conditions of populations in the intervention areas, strengthen their resilience capacities and increase economic opportunities. The programme supports the implementation of development actions identified and prioritised in the Local and Communal Development Plans, taking into account the real needs of the populations and the interests of vulnerable groups. 200 social infrastructures have been built or rehabilitated and 256,160 people have improved access to basic social services. A total of 18,027 people were supported in developing income-generating economic activities and 6,994 jobs were created with the support of the programme.

The PRCPT project selected us to benefit from agricultural inputs in November 2017. All this support has helped change the general economic situation of the group and particularly to the improvement of my living conditions. Our yields have actually increased thanks to the efficiency of the implementation of biopesticides as advised by the PRCPT facilitator. (…) There is nothing more important than the technical, institutional guidance that we receive from GIZ/PRCPT through its staff members who are with us in the field on a daily basis. It’s not money that we want, but innovative ideas to help us increase our income.

A. Hassan
Member of the Manzoula group
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Decentralization and basic services

Decentralization and basic services



Implemented by

European Union / Germany




28 500 000€


Vulnerable populations / youth / women

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