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A new liaison expert to strengthen the Sahel Alliance’s dynamic in Chad

Daoud Souleyman Adam, an economist by training and specialised in development project management, has joined the Sahel Alliance as a liaison expert in Chad. We are pleased to benefit from his extensive knowledge of the country and his skills in mobilising and engaging stakeholders!

Prior to joining the Sahel Alliance, Daoud Souleyman Adam worked at the World Bank’s ALBIA project, an environmental protection initiative in Chad, where he was a Communication/Citizen Participation Specialist. There, he contributed to bringing the local communities of the Ouadi Rimé Ouadi Achim reserve (the largest reserve in Chad) to join in the protection of the wildlife and the promotion of local development.

From 2014 to 2020, Daoud Souleyman Adam worked at the Chad Country Directorate of the NGO ACORD International. He held several successive positions, from Programme Assistant to Project Manager, Base Manager and Project Development Officer.

His duties included supporting the Country Executive Office in strategic planning, fundraising, project design and communication. He spearheaded the design of several projects such as PASTOR, component 2 of RESILAC Chad and the Good Governance Support Project funded by the European Union. At the centre of the organisation’s transformational actions, Daoud Souleyman Adam participated in the elaboration of the organisation’s strategic plans and was appointed as rapporteur within the commission in charge of the institutional reform aiming at transforming the NGO towards a national status (ACORD-Tchad).

His functions as Project Manager and Head of Base allowed him to manage several projects and to develop his skills in synergy and complementarity of actions for development.

In terms of academic background, Daoud Souleyman Adam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Project Design and Management from the Haute Ecole de Comptable et de Communication (HEC-Chad), a Master’s degree in Economic and Social Administration from the University of Evry Val d’Essonne in France and a Master’s degree in Development Economics from the Centre d’Études et de Recherches sur le Développement International (CERDI) of the University of Clermont Auvergne (France).

He is a recipient of the MODEV-15 scholarship, initiated by the Campus of the French Development Agency (AFD) with the technical support of the Foundation of Studies and Research for International Development (FERDI).

According to him, working for the Sahel Alliance grants him the opportunity to support a dynamic based on local skills, at the service of national and provincial policies and in response to the real needs of communities. He brings to the Sahel Alliance his experience in the field and his skills in the mobilisation and adhesion of the Sahel Alliance’s member actors in Chad.  

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