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Meeting two new Sahel Alliance liaison experts

Two new liaison experts have joined the Sahel Alliance: Raïssa Chaitou in Mauritania and Olivier Koullo Ndéna in ChadWe are happy to be able to benefit from their skills and professional experience with a view to bring the network of Sahel Alliance members in the G5 Sahel countries to life!

Raïssa Chaitou, Sahel Alliance liaison expert in Mauritania

Raïssa Chaitou hails from Mauritania. She is passionate about diplomatic relations, as well as issues related to development and humanitarian aid. She holds a double master’s degree in Migration and Territorial Development.

A true Pan-African committed to propelling Mauritania’s youth to greater heights, Raïssa is a senior member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Mauritania and of its “innovation-Laboratory”. It is one of the largest incubators in the country, focused on the professional integration of young people, the emancipation of women, the advancement of the Mauritanian economic and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and networking.

In this context, she has worked in collaboration with partners such as the United Nations, USAID and the World Bank. She participated in the Summit of the Two Shores through her international event Emerging Valley, as part of President Emmanuel Macron’s presidential program.

Raïssa has served as a consultant on several occasions, notably with GIZ, for the implementation of the Planning Workshop of the ProNEXUS Project in partnership with UNHCR, and for UNFPA on the evaluation of the 8th Country Programme, particularly on issues related to gender, population and development.

Over the years, Raïssa has acquired a wealth of professional experience, as a junior field expert, strategist and gender focal point, then as a national monitoring and evaluation consultant and project coordinator. These varied experiences have allowed her to develop strong skills in project management, planning, monitoring and evaluation, team leadership and data analysis. She also has an in-depth understanding of the political, economic and social context in sub-Saharan Africa in the development sector.

In 2019, Raïssa was 1st Mauritanian alumna of the American workshop “Global Women In Management”, during which she worked on the progress of economic policies concerning women in developing countries.

Raïssa joined the Sahel Alliance in early 2022 as a liaison expert in Mauritania.

Olivier Koullo Ndéna, Alliance Sahel liaison expert in Chad

Olivier Koullo Ndéna holds a Master’s degree in Project Development and Management in Africa and a Master’s degree in Socio-Anthropology.

During his 17 years of professional experience in Chad and Burundi, Olivier has acquired a solid experience in managing development projects in the fields of education, community development, health, water and sanitation.

He has collaborated with the World Bank, the Swiss Cooperation in Chad, the organization France Volontaires and the Association for Rural Cooperation in Africa and Latin America (ACRA) in programs that contribute to social development, access to basic social services and the integration of vulnerable and marginalized populations.

 In Chad, Olivier has worked as a programme manager, trainer, coordinator, moderator and supervisor for quality control in several parts of the country: N’Djamena, Kanem, Salamat, Guéra, Moyen-Chari, Batha and part of Western Logone.

Under the impetus of the Swiss cooperation, Olivier worked for a project to supply drinking water and hygiene and sanitation in Batha and Moyen-Chari, as well as for the support project to the health districts of Danamadji and Yao. In this position, he participated in the implementation of the organization’s country strategy, donor consultation frameworks, political dialogue, as well as various steering committees.

In Burundi, Olivier worked as a technical assistant in a transition project from emergency to development, with a focus on community development and social cohesion for war returnees and their resettlement in the Rutana Province.

As a Program Officer for the World Bank, he worked to support the health system and key ministries, such as Defence, National Education, Social Affairs and National Solidarity.

Olivier joined the Sahel Alliance at the end of 2021 as a liaison expert for the Sahel Alliance in Chad, with the desire to contribute to the effectiveness and influence of the donor platform.

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