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Domestic security

The increase in cross-border threats in the region (terrorism, trafficking, and organized crime) is challenging the domestic security forces, which lack human, financial and material resources, and are struggling to define clear shared priorities. The Alliance supports these internal security forces (ISF) by addressing the challenges of development. In particular, it is intervening to protect the population, and to establish a relationship of confidence between the ISF forces and citizens, while reinforcing their capacities.


The objectives to be achieved in this sector are as follows:

  • Redeploying the domestic security forces to deal with threats, particularly in the most fragile zones
  • Reducing all forms of violence, and associated mortality rates, and reinforcing people’s confidence in the internal security forces
  • Reshaping the security infrastructures of the G5 Sahel countries in a lasting manner

Amount paid as of January 1st 2018


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